Visa Fees & Service Charges


Visa Fees

Single Entry Visa

5,040 BDT

Multiple Entry Visa

15,960 BDT

Transit Visa

5,040 BDT

Double Transit Visa

10,080 BDT

Work Visa

5,040 BDT

Service Charges

Service Charge

4,240 BDT

Bangladesh Vat

15% (636 BDT)

Premium Lounge (VIP)

6,785 BDT

Photo (4 Peice)

200 BDT

Photocopy & Print

10 BDT




1000 BDT

Important Note: Total costs are charged only in BDT and only in cash. Credit card is not accepted. Applicants who prefer the premium lounge service have to pay the Reired Service price as well.